COVID-19 Safety

At Gateway VIP Services, we give you access to everything you need to make your next trip enjoyable–from curbside services, expedited security, access to VIP lounges, to so much more.

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Your Safety First, Always.

At Gateway VIP Services, our priority is always your health and safety.

That's why our COVID-19 Safety plans exceeds every standard set by the Center for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) in additional to guidelines set both locally and internationally. Our representatives wear face coverings, disposable gloves, practice social distancing, regular hand washing, and other hygiene protocols to ensure that the safety and comfort of our clients is never compromised.

Our representatives also complete a pre-service assessment so that they are proven to be symptom-free and in compliance with our health and safety plans prior to picking you up or dropping you off. And to ensure you stay healthy and safe even after our service is done, we'll relay all the essential information you need to know about local vaccination requirements, travel restrictions, and more before your trip even begins.

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